Navratri Celebration in our Office


Navratri is a marvellous and astounding festival! A spoon of fun and reverence in a cup full of contentment. It is a festival which brings richness in creativity and appreciation of culture. It is the festival which brings joy and prosperity in everyone’s life. Navratri not only brings friends and families together, but unites our community as a whole.

29th September,  was the auspicious and memorable day of our life. The day was very felicitous. We celebrated Navratri on that day which was a dazzling and noteworthy moment for us. From morning, we decorated our whole office with  fresh flowers and flower garlands, lightings and beautiful rangoli. Fresh and blooming flowers which spreads the freshness and which is the centre point of Navratri decoration. From 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM, we celebrated the Navratri festival. We aimed  to celebrate  with honor, positivity and creativity. We played games with a great amusement which gave us  great pleasure and enjoyment. The games including Dumb charades, Antakshari, Memory Power, not only added excitement but also improved our team building skills. The day ended with some snacks & sweets which added an extra fun and amusement for all of us. It was a delightful day and unforgettable moments in our lives.

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